Denon PMA-30 – HiFi Amplifier


Denon PMA-30 Design Series Digital Integrated Amplifier, real Hi-Fi for today´s lifestyles

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Denon PMA-30 – HiFi Amplifier

Originating from over 100 years of precise audio reproduction

For more than a century, we’ve been very serious about engineering the perfect sound – that’s why, in the early years, we called our Hi-Fi products “precision audio components”. And our approach hasn’t changed since: it’s all about performance. With this in mind, we decided that, though our latest products should be compact, and with remarkably sleek styling, they should be true high fidelity components. In other words, they should be totally Denon. Introducing the Denon Design Series: Real Hi-Fi For Today’s Lifestyles.

  • Powerful BTL configuration Class D amplifier
  • Fully digital processing
  • Advanced master clock design
  • High quality headphone amplifier
  • Bluetooth compatible (aptX Low Latency / AAC / SBC compatible)
  • Superbly finished aluminium panels
  • Landscape or portrait orientation

Digital Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Enjoy superior audio fidelity from a compact, stylish design. The Denon PMA-30 replaces your standard component amplifier and offers modern connectivity. Enjoy listening to your favourite music from your portable device via wireless Bluetooth connectivity. For optimum wireless audio fidelity the PMA-30 features Qualcomm apt-X Low Latency decoding that delivers CD-quality sound. There are multiple digital inputs for compatibility with digital audio sources like a set-top-box or TV, along with an analog stereo input for legacy analog sources. The PMA-30 is rated at 40 watts per channel into 4 ohms, for compatibility with the widest range of speaker types. The deluxe styling is sized to fit just about anywhere, and it can be positioned horizontally as well as vertically. Add the DCD-50 matching CD Player, and you have the perfect stereo system for your modern living room.

Bespoke Hi-Fi components taken from Denon’s high-end “NE series”

We have employed a large number of audio electrolytic capacitors, resistors, film capacitors that are also used in the “NE series”, a new generation of Denon’s renowned Hi-Fi components. These optimum parts were selected by our lead sound engineer only after repeated auditions. To further refine sound quality, we introduced custom parts developed in collaboration with electrolytic capacitors parts manufacturers.

Full Digital Processing

Since the PMA-30 employs has a digital input type Class D amplifier, when playing back a digital source, it is possible to perform all processing from input to output in the digital domain. This makes it possible to eliminate the influence of external noise which becomes a problem with analogue amplifiers, delivering a broad soundstage with excellent transparency and resolution.

Powerful and detailed sound

The advanced amplifier section delivers amazing sound from a compact form factor, thanks to Denon’s unique HiFi engineering technologies. The full digital amplifier system delivers superior audio fidelity along with high amplifier efficiency at 40W into 4 ohms. The premium grade multi-way speaker connectors let you connect speaker cables via bare wire, pin connectors as well as banana plug connectors.

BTL configuration Class D power amplifier

The amplifier circuit is equipped with a Class D power design boasting a 40W + 40W (4 Ω) rated output when driving both channels. It implements the BTL configuration that powerfully drives speakers by using two power amplifiers per channel. The PWM processor, which is the heart of the Class D power amplifier, is equipped with a high-noise design that offers low noise over a wide band. For both PWM processor and power stage power supply circuit, Denon uses a high-quality custom condenser exclusively developed for the company after extensive consultation from the company’s sound engineers. This delivers excellent spatial expression and a power that belies the compact nature of the PMA-30. In addition, Denon uses bespoke oxygen-free copper (OFC) wire and manganese zinc core inductors and Hi-Fi quality film capacitors for the low pass filter circuit for superior sound quality.

Master clock design

Making use of an advanced Adopt master clock design that employs a digital audio interface, the PMA-30 offers ultra-low jitter. By precisely synchronizing each digital circuit with the high-quality master clock, the finest audio reproduction with reduced jitter is realized.

High Resolution Audio support

Discover the incredible fidelity of high resolution audio with the PMA-30’s ability to decode up to 24-bit/192-kHz ALAC, FLAC and WAV lossless files via the digital inputs. Your music has never sounded better.

Bluetooth with aptX Low Latency

Stream your favourite audio tracks from your portable devices via the PMA-30’s Bluetooth connectivity, which features quick and easy pairing via the Bluetooth button on the front panel. For CD-quality audio playback, the PMA-30 features the latest generation Qualcomm aptX Low Latency decoding, which also provides optimum time synchronization when playing back audio from video sources with no lip sync issues.


High quality headphone output

For top audio fidelity the PMA-30 is equipped with a dedicated headphone amplifier circuit that features a high speed ultra low distortion wideband op amp that’s paired with a fully discrete final output stage. In order to accommodate the widest range of headphone types, the PMA-30 features an adjustable headphone impedance control, with 3 settings for low, medium and high impedance headphones which provide proper matching of headphone impedance and amplifier gain. The headphone jack features a 6.3mm connector for compatibility with premium home and professional studio headphone models.

Sezione audio

Prestazioni in uscita

Usci­ta no­mi­na­le:

con en­tram­bi i ca­na­li pi­lo­ta­ti

20 W + 20 W (8 Ω/ohm, 1 kHz, THD 0,7 %)

40 W + 40 W (4 Ω/ohm, 1 kHz, THD 1,0 %)

Con­net­to­ri di usci­ta:

Dif­fu­so­re: 4-16 Ω/ohm

Cuf­fie: jack da Φ 6,3 mm

Di­stor­sio­ne ar­mo­ni­ca to­ta­le:

0,05 % (in­gres­so di­gi­ta­le, usci­ta no­mi­na­le a -3 dB, su 8 Ω/ohm, a 1 kHz)

Rap­por­to S/N:

100 dB (in­gres­so di­gi­ta­le, 25 W, su 8 Ω/ohm, a 1 kHz, IHF-A)

Segnale di ingresso digitale

For­ma­ti audio:

In­ter­fac­cia audio di­gi­ta­le (PCM li­nea­re)

In­gres­so coas­sia­le:

0,5 Vp-p/50 Ω/ohm

In­gres­so ot­ti­co:

Su­pe­rio­re a – 27 dBm

Lun­ghez­za d’on­da:

660 nm

Prestazioni in ingresso

Sen­si­bi­li­tà di in­gres­so/im­pe­den­za:

AUX: 0,13 V/22 kΩ/kohm

Sezione Bluetooth

Si­ste­ma di co­mu­ni­ca­zio­ne:

Blue­too­th ver­sio­ne 3.0

Po­ten­za di tra­smis­sio­ne:

Max. 2,5 mW (Clas­se 2)

In­ter­val­lo mas­si­mo di co­mu­ni­ca­zio­ne:

Circa 10 m nella linea di vi­sua­le*

Banda di fre­quen­za:

Banda 2,4 GHz

Me­to­do di mo­du­la­zio­ne:

FHSS (Fre­quen­cy-Hop­ping Spread Spec­trum)

Pro­fi­li sup­por­ta­ti:

A2DP 1.3/AVRCP 1.5

Codec sup­por­ta­ti:

Bassa La­ten­za aptX/AAC/SBC

L’intervallo di comunicazione effettivo varia a seconda dell’influenza di fattori quali ostacoli tra i dispositivi, onde elettromagnetiche prodotte da forni a microonde, elettricità statica, telefoni cordless, sensibilità di ricezione, prestazioni dell’antenna, sistema operativo, software applicativo ecc.



CA 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Con­su­mo ener­ge­ti­co:

35 W

Con­su­mo di cor­ren­te in mo­da­li­tà stand­by:

0,2 W

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