Cambridge Audio EVO 75

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ALL-IN ONE Cambridge audio EVO 75 amplifier, latest generation streamer player, 75W amplifier

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Cambridge Audio EVO 75 – Amplifier

Minimal, Timeless Design

When Ged Martin sat down in our London studio to design Evo, he was determined to sketch a product design that will endure for many years. Ged knows simplicity is the most elegant aspect of industrial design, and Evo demonstrates his mastery of form and line.

He designed a product that looks classically timeless.

Wood and black side panels for Evo
Choice of Side Panels Included

Our story started with the iconic P40 amplifier. So, using the P40’s wood trim as inspiration, Ged incorporated beautiful, tactile walnut side-panels into his elegant design.

Evo’s use of premium materials includes a choice of side panels, designed to accentuate the timeless simplicity of Evo’s design and compliment your lifestyle.

Living room set-up with plant, sofa and Evo 150
Heritage and the Evolution of Hi-Fi

We’ve been designing and building outstanding audio equipment for over 50 years. In that time, fashion in hi-fi has changed just as surely as fashion in music – but we’ve always been at the cutting edge.

So, we think Evo is not only the best-sounding all-in-one player you can buy, its design looks to the future at the same time as acknowledging our rich legacy.

Cambridge Audio EVO 75 – Amplifier

Evo 150 and Evo S speaker on white bookshelf
High-Quality Hi-Fi Sound

Both Evo 150 and Evo 75 use revolutionary Hypex NCore Class D amplification – it’s rated at 150 watts per channel in Evo 150, and 75 watts per channel in Evo 75.

Until Hypex NCore changed the game, Class D amplification was only about compactness and electrical efficiency – but Hypex NCore also offers obvious superiority where clarity, resolution and outright musicality are concerned.

It’s a big part of what makes Evo such an enjoyable and convincing listen.

Black and white image of engineer opening the lid of an Evo 150
Voiced in London

Even the best components don’t deliver incredible sound all by themselves. Our engineering team spent hundreds of hours in our London laboratory, poring over every detail of the way Evo makes music until they were completely satisfied.

Because if our engineers aren’t satisfied, they don’t think you will be either.

Cambridge Audio EVO 75 – Amplifier

Top angle of Evo 150 with phone displaying The Clash playing on Streammagic
StreamMagic Built In

The convenience of music streaming is obvious – but unless it sounds great, what’s the point?

Our in-house engineers designed StreamMagic to be the best-sounding streaming platform around – and 10 years into its development, that’s exactly what we think it is.

StreamMagic is constantly evolving to accept new formats and services, which means it should always be the perfect way to stream digital music.

Evo 150 displaying Streammagic, on green background
Highest Available Quality for Every Service

It doesn’t matter how you access your digital audio files – the latest generation of the award-winning StreamMagic platform makes them sound better than ever.

Every current format, from Roon to MQA-powered TIDAL Masters, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Qobuz, is catered for.

And StreamMagic is ready to adapt to whatever the future may bring too.

Evo 150 and Evo S speaker on grey shelf
Complete Your Evo System

If you add Evo S speakers to Evo, it becomes an Evo all-in-one system. True plug-and-play convenience, with absolutely no compromise to the sound quality we’ve been perfecting all these years.

Cambridge Audio EVO 75 – Amplifier

Evo 150 on kitchen island
Tomorrow’s Hi-Fi, Today

Evo is everything you’ve always loved about hi-fi, evolved to suit your needs. Elegant design, wide-ranging functionality, complete simplicity and exceptional performance. All from a single box.

All of the convenience, none of the compromise.

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